Friday, November 03, 2006

and she calls him "frankie"

Meet Frankie

My daughter turned 9 today (oh my gosh). She LOVES monkeys. She was so thrilled with this little guy! I found the pattern on Monday and immediately wanted to begin. Since my lys was closed, I had to use yarn from my stash! I HATE using my stash yarn. I am definately the type that wants to use what the pattern calls for and/or buy new yarn. I don't know, knitting with yarn I have already knit with to me is just not much fun. Most of the time I was thinking "this is going to be the ugliest monkey ever! However, I am pretty pleased with the result. Especially after her reaction. I did run out of yarn on Wednesday and had to have my sweet sister overnight yarn from her stash to me! Thanks a million, shell!

This is what the "birthday girl" woke up to

and this was "frankie" yesterday at 4pm. Ahhhh! I was just so happy to have gotten it made on time. Now I am off for a weekend long birthday celebration!


bob said...
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Anonymous said...

Bob did not say that. Bob said "I am blessed by The Lord that you are my wife and mother of my children."

Anonymous said...

You are the best mother in the world. Your daughter is so lucky.
Happy birthday to her. Frankie is sooooo cute. (love the name too)

Duncan said...

Wow! You must knit really fast. How long have you been knitting? I just started and seem to be all thumbs

Anonymous said...

Love that monkey! (I have a thing for elephants and monkeys!) It's just gorgeous!