Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the right foot

It was a 4 day long celebration. But hey, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (My Birthdays are always a week long celebration). This is the 3rd homemade cake that marked her 9th birthday. She loves anything homemade. I of course told her I would buy her a cake from MY favorite bakery, but her favorite bakery is right here! I also told her I would buy her chicken nuggets (BIG treat since we never eat fast food) for her party. No, she wanted me to make chicken on a stick from barefoot contessa. I also was unsure what she wanted to give her friends for party favors. She wanted me to MAKE headbands. Now this little girl does appreciate the things in this world that are made by hand. I do believe she is off on the right foot!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie!!!
So good to hear from you! Of course I knew it was you, the Frye boots are a dead givaway. Ha! Your blog is so darn cute and my my you are a talented knitter! I have not yet attempted knitting or crocheting.Yikes! They scare me. Hope to talk to ya soon :)

mimi said...

You are making us ALL look bad. What a talented mommy.

Willie said...

you are so talented and i bet you are cute too!

alfonse said...

three cakes! that little girl must have one big sweet tooth. are u sure u didn't scarf down one of those cakes yourself