Friday, February 09, 2007


My wonderful friend Michelle always has such great ideas. Her son has a bar mitzvah to attend, and she thought a hand knit yarmulke would make a "lovely little gift". So, she commissioned me to make one.

model: Charlie

This took such a small amount of yarn, that I am sure everyone has stash yarn to use for this project.
Please excuse my ignorance, but how will this stay on a 13 year old? Should I include Bobbi pins in the packaging or are there special clips one would use? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. :)

Here is the skinny on this "lovely little bar mitzvah gift"
Pattern: Greetings from Knit Cafe (be sure to check the pattern corrections)
Yarn: Koigu
Size 3 needles
Have a great weekend everybody!


tiennie said...

Very sweet! I have no idea how they stay on - sorry!

Delia said...

Maybe with a small hair comb, sewn to the interior?

Gigi said...

O.K. so it is like this:
1) Some people like bobby pins.
2) Some (like me) use clips.
3) Others attach the loopy (hard) part of velcro to the inside so that it "catches" the hair and stays on.
I'm sure there are other methods, but those are the ones I know!

Some don't use anything at all, however, their yarmulkes usually fall off! ;-)

Knitting Mama said...

They stay on best with clips. Bobby pins tend to get loose and fall out.

The clips you can get at the dollar store, they like snap together, and open like an alligator's mouth (if you can picture what I'm talking about).

Hope that helps!

Knitting Mama said...

ps - if you dont know which clips we're referring to - I can find an image (or take a picture of one) and send it to you.... if you want.

HPNY Knits said...

its cute! hair clips will hold it best.

Anonymous said... favorite part is the tag. You have such great ideas!!!!

Love, Your "other" sister

Anonymous said...

Nice job, but I also love the tag. How did you print it? Surely, you didn't write thatso perfectly?

Dipsy said...

Oh, this is absolutely fantastic - what a quick and great knit it seems to be! But sorry, I'm afraid I'm of no help here when it comes to how it's gonna stay on - I'd say bobby pins though!

KnitPastis said...

Very well done! Looks great and loved the yarn choice too.

mountain knitter said...

I have a friend who is quite ill and he has asked me to knit a yarmulke for him. Most patterns are for crochet. This is awesome. Would it be possible to purchase the pattern?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

what i do with regular hat is put elastic around the edges i dont know if itll work with this