Thursday, July 31, 2014

popsicle, popsicle, popsicle

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a Vitamix.  I've been making green smoothies for over 4 years and have been using my trusty blender to do so.  It has served the wonderful purpose and I couldn't be more proud of that blender for hanging in there with me.  However, I finally reached the point where I just couldn't bear to chew one more smoothie.  
I ordered the Vitamix and we became fast best friends.  Having a blast together, daily!  We've made ice cream, soup, cocktails and of course my favorite green smoothies.  We've added smoothie recipe's (hello carrot, hello beet), too.   
I've been playing with our popsicle maker as well.

1 cup blueberries
1 cup coconut milk yogurt (yumm)
Blend until completely smooth.

3 banana's
1 cup coconut milk
Blend until completely smooth.

For this yummy chocolate banana one, I tried something different adding trader joes' organic hot cocoa mix.  Just for the heck of it.  And guess what?  We thought they were the most delicious.  Will definitely continue to make these.

Chocolate Banana Popsicle:  
3 bananas 
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 package trader joe's organic hot cocoa mix.

*None of these recipes made a complete 10 pops.  I mixed the trays to experiment.  You can, too!


house on hill road said...

i love my vitamix! and now i am going to give kate something to make tomorrow. thank you!

faith76 said...

Mmmmm thanks for sharing your recipies xxx

morewithles said...

I got myself a Vitamix last summer as a birthday present for myself - I use it almost every day. Worth every penny! :)

Annabanana said...

I love my Vitamix. I make a spinach, berry, apple smoothie daily. Love that thing!!!

Kepanie said...

Oh, good for you. I understand about chewing through a smoothie. I haven't made one for ages with our Ninja. Your Popsicles look good.

knitwitmama said...

We just bought a vitamix yesterday too. We have been using a stick blender for years. Made smoothies for dinner last night to go with our sushi. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

nicole said...

Heeeheee, I'm besties with my Vitamix too. Now I need to get a popsicle maker!